Invisalign teen showing her smile and the benefits.

Cleary Beautiful Smiles for Teens

Clear Aligners for Teens

Angel Aligner™ clear aligners are for teens who want to achieve their best smile and live their most confident life - without impacting their lifestyle.
We know that each of our patients is unique – especially our San Antonio teens! No two patients live the same lifestyle or share the same preferences, so we provide treatment options to match.

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Why clear aligners for teens?

Angel Aligner clear aligners are clear, comfortable, convenient, and accommodating for every lifestyle.

Clear aligners are virtually invisible and undetectable when they’re in place. You can continue living life like a social butterfly (or a hermit, whatever your vibe is) while your invisible treatment does the work.
Invisalign aligners are specially designed for comfort. The high-quality, flexible material makes it easy for you to remove your aligners and place them back in as needed. Your aligners will be custom-designed to fit your smile perfectly, so you shouldn’t experience irritation around your gums.
All of your favorite foods are still on the table! Simply remove your aligners to eat, drink, brush and floss. You won’t have to take a hiatus from your favorite crunchy, sticky, gooey snacks.

How do I know if my teen is a candidate for clear aligners?

If your teen isn’t confident in his or her smile, you notice a misalignment in their teeth, or you simply aren’t sure what to look for, we encourage you to request a complimentary consultation for a professional opinion!

What is the cost of clear aligners for teens?

The cost of clear aligners depends on the length of treatment and the severity of your teen’s condition. We do everything we can to make your family’s new smiles affordable!

On your first visit, we’ll calculate your estimated treatment cost and work with you to create a payment plan that meets your needs.

We offer flexible financing and accept most insurance plans. (Insurance can cover 50% of your cost!)