Caring for Braces Emergencies

Accidents happen—and we’re here for you when they do! Over the course of your treatment with braces, you may pop a wire out of place or dislodge a bracket.

These situations can be resolved with an emergency orthodontist visit to our San Antonio office.

If you experience a true emergency that is not a common orthodontic emergency, we urge you to visit the emergency room immediately. Do not wait for an emergency orthodontist appointment!

Common situations include:

How to Handle an Orthodontic Emergency

If a rubber band comes off your braces, a wire pops out of place or a bracket falls off, this is considered a common orthodontic emergency. If you experience any of these situations, don’t panic! We’ll take care of you as soon as possible.

As long as you are not bleeding severely or in considerable pain, you can give us a call at (210) 729-7255. If you’re calling after hours, you’ll hear our emergency line number.

For any situation you experience, you can rest assured that we’ve dealt with a similar situation before! In the meantime, learn what you can do to handle the emergency.

Loose or Broken Brackets

If your braces bracket becomes loose or falls off, try to place it in a ziploc bag. If you can’t find the bracket, that’s okay. Just give us a call, and Dr. Senties will advise you on the best plan of action moving forward.

Poking Wires or Metal Pieces

If your braces wire pops out of place or you have a metal piece bothering you, grab some orthodontic wax. Orthodontic wax (also called dental wax) can be placed over the metal piece or poking wire to serve as a temporary solution until you’re able to visit us.

If a wire pops out of place, try to push the wire back into the bracket. Use sterilized tweezers to push the wire back into the bracket. Or you can try to clip the loose section of the wire off with a clean pair of nail clippers, then cover the end of the wire with ortho wax.

Tooth Pain or Loose Teeth

It’s normal for you to experience some minor soreness or tooth wiggling while you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment. After your regular adjustment appointments, you may notice some soreness in your gums and teeth. Over-the-counter pain relievers, like Tylenol®, can help to alleviate the soreness.

If you experience persistent pain in your mouth or your teeth are wiggling considerably, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We want to ensure that your treatment is on the right track and your smile is in its best condition.

Broken or Missing Appliance

If you happen to break or lose your appliance—and trust us, it happens—do not put the appliance back in your mouth. If your appliance is misshapen, it can damage your mouth or damage your braces. Don’t try to force the appliance back in position; just give us a call and we’ll schedule the earliest appointment with you.

If you lose or break your retainer, come to the office as soon as you can and we will make you a new one before your teeth shift.

Your health and safety are incredibly important to us!

We genuinely care about you and your child’s wellbeing. Dr. Senties and our experienced team are here for you if you encounter an orthodontic emergency.

Whatever your situation may be, please contact us as soon as possible! The sooner we’re able to see you, the sooner you’ll be able to resume your smile transformation.

Have questions about our emergency orthodontist services?

We’re here to answer your questions, and we want you to know your options!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time. Dr. Senties and our experienced team are here to help guide you throughout your treatment process, from your first visit to your last visit.

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